The Last Night Ferry

The last train leaving Britain by boat

Two folders we were given to house tickets etc..
The lower one was printed specially for this last trip.

London Victoria Station

Access from MK1 BSO to Wagon Lits not possible.
Scenes like this may only be repeated at Wansford (Nene Valley Railway)

Last time a MK1 coach is coupled to a continental coach?
SNCF 66-87-79-42-215-7 Wagon Lits No. 3794 built 1936

SNCF 66-87-79-42-226-4 WL No. 3985            SNCF 66-87-79-42-220-7 WL No. 3802 (my coach)
Built 1952                            Built 1945      

SNCF 66-87-79-42-224-9 Wagon Lits No. 3983 built 1952.


Class 73 Electro-diesel at the helm.